Urban View, Oakland CA, April 11-17, 2001
"These and other pieces in Yellow Journalist marvelously showcase Wong's wry, canny sense of humor and his fierce desire to champion those who lack a voice.."
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East Bay Express, March 30, 2001
"(Wong) just has a cool, collected way of saying (he's miffed) -- which ultimately packs a punch."
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Asian Week, March 29, 2001
Yellow Journalist: Dispatches from Asian America is an anthology of Wong's best writing from the last decade and a half, covering an impressive array of topics and tone."
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Hills Newspapers, March 9, 2001
"Wong makes his point of view compelling as he chides the media for ignoring Asian-Americans."
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A Magazine, February-March 2001:
"Yellow Journalist is...a library of thoughtful reflections made all the more important by their honest, often driving perceptions of the contemporary events, ideas and sometimes avoided accountabilities that have marked the emergence of distinctly Asian American issues."
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Alameda Newspaper Group, February 23, 2001
"Wong makes sure such oversights do not go unnoticed, at least not on his watch."
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Chicago Reporter, April 2001
"People of Asian descent play a significant role in shaping the American experience, although the mainstream media have been slow to acknowledge it, writes William Wong in his new book ..."
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Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 27, 2001
Wong "has given us a highly readable American archive that samples three decades of reporting from a man with an unpredictable, inquiring mind."
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The Seattle Times, July 27, 2001
"Wong rises to eloquence when he combines his journalist's eye for detail with an impassioned point of view."
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Asian American Journal: International Examiner, July 18-July 31, 2001
"If for no other reason, Bill Wong's first 48 pages should be mandatory reading as an introduction and explanation to those of us born here of immigrant parents."
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