Table of Contents

Series Foreword Darrell Y. Hamamoto



Chapter 1 Hometown: In the Shadow of San Francisco
American Dream, Chinatown Branch
A "Manong" with Magical Hands

Chapter 2 Family: From Agrarianism to Cyberspace
Finding Sacred Ground
Traditions: Old and New
"Rock On, Mr. President"

Chapter 3 History: From Exclusion to Confusion
Conquering Frontiers and Barriers
Wong Is an American Name
The "Forgotten Holocaust"
Healing Wounds, or Opening Them?
The Price of Memories

Chapter 4 Immigration: Huddled Masses
Still Searching for Gold Mountain
Second-Class Citizenship
Downsize Your SUV
Se Habla English

Chapter 5 Identity and Acculturation: Visibly Invisible
A State of Mind
So That's Why I Can't Lose Weight
Yellow Chic
A Tumultuous World in Transition
"We Lost a Country"
Who's a Bonehead Now?
Paradise Lost
Minnesota Chow Mein
Best Friend or Best Meal?
Violating the Crustacean Creed
Parenting, Chinese Style
The American Nightmare

Chapter 6 Anti-Asian Racism: Forever Foreigners
"The Boat People Own Everything"
Learning from the Vincent Chin Case
Escaping Racism: No Way Out
The Golden State of Bigotry
Swastikas in the Sunset
Un-American Christians
I Am a Gook

Chapter 7 Class: Yin and Yang
Picking on the Most Vulnerable
New Global Capitalists
An Obnoxious Status Quest
The Rich Can Be Nice Too
Exploiting Our Own

Chapter 8 Affirmative Action: The Myth of Meritocracy
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Calling for Magician Administrators
The Selfish Versus the Altruists
When Values Collide

Chapter 9 Gender: He Said, She Said
The "Hottest" Dating Trend
Special Assets
Hiding Behind a Cultural Defense
The Hero of Asian Men

Chapter 10 Race Relations: Why Can't We All Get Along?
Just Who Is the Victim Here?
Playing Together
Plenty of Blame to Go Around
Middleman Myopia
Yellow Pride Versus Multiculturalism
Beyond Black and White

Chapter 11 Politics: A Seat at the Table
Right Man, Wrong Time
Race and Ideology: Bumping into One Another
An Asian American "Mr. Fixit"
Riding a Yellow Wave
A Common Human Affliction
A Question of Loyalty
Trolling for the Big Fish
Scientific Scapegoat

Chapter 12 Crime: Bang, Bang, You're Dead
"It Makes You Feel Special"
The Model Minority Criminal
Born to Kill
Boyish Appeal

Chapter 13 Stars: I AM Somebody
Colorblind Casting
Forbidden in More Ways Than One
The Connie Chung Syndrome
Kowtowing to the Queen
Disposable Commodities
The Politics of a Bond Film
Money Talks
The News Media: Only Getting Part of It
Everybody's Child

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