Advance Praise for Yellow Journalist

Ishmael Reed, author of The Reed Reader:
"One of the advantages of having a writer of Bill Wong's talent around is that we don't have to depend upon intermediaries and go-betweens to give us insights about issues affecting Asian Americans. He is often entertaining, and ironic, but underneath it all is a serious mind devoted to shattering myths about one of our fastest growing minorities."

Jay Mathews, Washington Post reporter and columnist, and author of Class Struggle:
"For three decades, William Wong has been America's most energetic and entertaining chronicler of the Asian Diaspora and its effects on politics, culture, business, sports, dress, diet and language. Like other great humorists, he exposes the painful absurdities that plague each new wave of immigrant families as they enrich the national character, from Wong's own adventurous parents to Tiger Woods. Some of these pieces offer surprising insights on geopolitics and others explore the legal and social consequences of racial discrimination, but my favorites are the playful essays, including the classic, 'So That's Why I Can't Lose Weight.'"

Angela E. Oh, Lecturer/Former Advisory Board Member, President's Initiative on Race:
"It is about time that America meets William Wong -- an icon in journalism whose experience as a second generation Chinese American has given him a unique lens through which life in America can be examined. For almost two decades, his columns in the Oakland Tribune and other San Francisco bay area newspapers have captured a different kind of reality about some of our most important cultural and political moments. Wong's readiness to share his family, his community, and his conscience allows readers to cross a bridge into the world of Asian America. Whether it is an analysis of the 1996 campaign finance scandals or a perspective on how parent pressures and bi-cultural conflicts can play out in a young Asian American teen's life, Wong's skillful weaving of humor, irony, and poignant portrayals of the circumstances make each story linger long past the final sentence of his essays. Through the snapshots of daily life, Yellow Journalist makes an important contribution to American studies."

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